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CHOCOLATE - Wash with warm water with ferment cleanser or rub with stain cleanser. Then wash.

COSMETICS - Rub with stain cleanser, liquid cleanser or granulated toothpaste and wash, or scrub with soap. Wash.

FRUIT JIUCE - Clean with cold water.

BLOOD - Immediately immerse in cold water.

CANDLE WAX - Cool with ice and scratch off (as much as possible) using the reverse side of a knife. Then place blotting-paper on top and iron the place replacing the blotting-paper until the stain is gone.

BEVERAGES - Immerse in cold water. Then rub with stain cleanser and wash using a bleacher (to be applied only for white linen).

PEN MARKS - Put on a towel and spray with hair spray.

DIRT - Wash with warm water with ferment cleanser or rub with stain cleanser.

DEODORANT - Apply liquid cleanser and then wash. Old stains should be rubbed with stain cleanser, left for 5–10 minutes, and then washed.

GRASS - Wash using a bleacher (only to be applied for white linen).

INK - Use ink cleanser (to be applied only for non-coloured and non-treated linen fabrics).

FAT - Rub with stain cleanser or other liquid cleanser. Old stains should be rubbed as follows: place the cloth with the stain down on a paper towel so that the fat would run out and be absorbed in the paper towel, and apply stain cleanser. Change towels until the stain is completely gone. Let the cloth dry, then wash.

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